Atlas Cedarwood, an endangered species - what to use as an alternative to this commonly used essential oil

I visited Westonbirt in the autumn, one of the highlights was a wonderful tree top walk, where I found my self in the tree tops of my favourite trees - cedar trees! Atlas cedar to be precise. It was fantastic to see Westonbirt showed the IUCN red list status, endangered.

Many of us use products which contain ingredients from endangered species, without knowing. Anyone can go on to the IUCN Red List of Threatened Species and check this list against their skincare, cosmetics, personal and household fragrance products, household and laundry cleaning products.

Atlas cedarwood essential oil is commonly used in skincare and perfumery. It can be easy to spot in skincare - look at the ingredients list, it's Latin name will be listed - Cedrus atlantica.

Interested in an essential oil alternative to atlas cedarwood? Virginia Cedar (Juniperus virginia) or Texas Cedar (Juniperus mexicana), which may have similar properties - depending on the desired effects. They are classed as skin safe oils. If purely for scent in perfumery the aroma is similar.

If you are interested in learning what other essential oils are from at risk plants - please comment and I will do another post.


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