Light & Silky for Combination Skin

Do you have combination skin?
Combination skin is characterised by the presence of two or three skin types - usually an oily “T-zone” and normal, drier or dehydrated areas. Oily areas can appear shiny with clearly visible, enlarged pores and can be prone to spots. The areas of normal skin feel comfortable, have barely visible pores and look healthy. Drier areas may be rough and feel uncomfortably tight.

Challenges of combination skin
If you have combination skin you need a skincare product that suits your skin type combination.

Our Light & Silky oils are easily absorbed making them ideal for oily, normal and dehydrated skin. If you think your dehydrated/ dry areas would require a richer texture you can use our Rich & Velvety range for dry skin. If you find the Light & Silky range to lightweight you can request a swap or a sample of Rich & Velvety.

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