Can you tell me about the Money Back Guarantee. 

Customers who have made a first time purchase of face oil from this website have a 21 day money back guarantee (excluding postage costs). To return please email vedanibotanicals@gmail.com, with your name and order number. Refunds will be given to the same payment method used to purchase.

Where can I find more product information? 

You are welcome to email with any questions you may have, which you cannot find on the product page. 

How do I know which face oil is right for me?

If you’ve read the description of both face oils and cannot decide between the light and rich texture, I would recommend the rich texture, unless you have very oily skin or oily-normal skin which is congested and prone to blemishes, in which case I recommend the light face oil. 

Do your face oils contain SPF? 
No, the face oil is only a moisturiser, (or some use it as a serum), when using SPF, apply it on top of the face oil. Always allow the face oil to absorb into the skin before applying SPF as you do not want to dilute the SPF. 

I use cream/gel serum, when do I apply the face oil? 
Apply face oil after a serum. 

How long is the shelf life of your products?

12 months, to benefit from the products being as fresh as possible to ensure the highest possible amounts of nutrients remain naturally present in the oils, it best to use straight after purchase and not to stock up. 

Due to the face oils being water free, they are completely free from any preservatives. The shelf life is extended by anti-oxidants naturally present in the oils, natural vitamin E, the dark glass bottles and the pump cap. 

 Why are your products in the form of oils?

I choose to create products that are as natural as possible. This type of formulation allows me to formulate without many unwanted ingredients. The correct selection of oils make gentle and efficient cleansers and moisturisers.

Cleansing with oils may seem out of the ordinary, however oils easily mix with the skin oil (sebum) and lift make-up and dirt off, as opposed to harsh, detergent based foaming cleansers, oil help the skin retain its precious natural protective sebum. 

Moisturising with suitable plant oils can be gentle, balancing, soothing, nourishing, and protective, the correct blend of oils can feel very luxurious on the skin.

Why do you use only natural oils?

Thousands of different chemicals are found in modern cosmetics. Many components are not actually used for the skin benefit but to preserve, scent, colour, etc. the product. Unfortunately, many of those cosmetic ingredients are associated with skin irritations, allergies and other health issues.  

Interestingly, up to as recently as the 1970s’, it was still thought that skin was inert and was not able to absorb any chemicals. Perhaps this is the reason why so many controversial ingredients are still in use. 

Plant oils have a very long history of use and we now have a good understanding of their composition as well as activities.  I have selected oils for my formulations for their properties to provide pure, effective and skin-type suitable skincare.

Have all the oils in your formulas been researched?

The oils have all been researched and they are not known to cause any problems. Some people are allergic to certain oils, if you know what oils you are allergic to, I can create bespoke blends, there is a waiting time of a few weeks for the safety report. I also make skincare oils free from essential oils with 3 ingredients to minimise risk of an allergic reaction, please email for details. 

Are your ingredients organic?

The majority of the plant oils in the products are certified organic. The percentage differs from product to product and sometimes from batch to batch. I am extremely fussy about the quality of the oils I choose, so my ingredient choice goes beyond just organic certification. 

 Are your products certified organic?

No, I change my formulations depending on the quality of available oils each season. Going through reformulating, testing and notification is a time consuming procedure, organic certification would mean I would not be able to formulate a blend as quickly. For example I have a formula containing a beautiful quality rose hip seed oil, high in unusual compounds, however in certain seasons, this particular oil has not been available and there is no other source I have found that is as high quality sometimes because the season has affected harvest, which is pretty common in organic farming or because a particular company has bought all the stock. 

 I have an oily/combination blemish prone skin. I have tried many products and nothing works. Why will your product work?

There might be many reasons why the problems persist – our diet and lifestyle can also affect the skin condition. Some ingredients found in cosmetic products may also exacerbate the problem.

Skincare is my passion and I like taking on challenges. It has taken years of research and hard work to perfect the formulations. It was a most interesting journey, which eventually lead to a range for all skin types. All blends were trialed by our individual clients. To our delight, we found that our blends were helping individuals with various skin issues.

The light and silky formulations were actually developed for a client who suffered for years with congested skin. They were so successful that I offered the formulations to other clients with problematic skin, the results were so impressive, that I decided to launch a range of lightweight, easily absorbed skin care oils.

If you have been diagnosed with acne, I suggest following the advice of your dermatologist. 

I have a very dry skin, how moisturising is your face oil? 

I also have a very dry (and sensitive) skin, I developed the rich face oil as I cannot find a moisturiser that is moisturising enough for my skin. The key is to apply as often as needed which with dry skin, particularly in winter can be 3-4 times a day.

I take an algae based omega 3 supplement, a healthy balanced diet and calm as possible lifestyle can help wonders but not always possible obviously. I also use a whole house filter, however these are costly, shower filters are really good and easily available from house water filter suppliers for under £30. 

I also recommend avoiding cosmetic products which strip skin oils, such as foaming cleansers or toners / gels containing alcohol, face powder (which is designed to mattify by absorbing oil), long hot baths/showers, 

How did you determine the oils to be used in each product?

I have been making bespoke skin care with plant oils for over 20 years, I understand the profiles of plants oils to choose to suit each skin type and their possible conditions and issues. 

Are all the products you sell cruelty free?

Yes. The products have not been tested on animals, I do not sell to countries which require animal tasting. I only sell to the UK. The products are 100% plant based, therefore vegan friendly. The products do not contain palm oil.

The oils are carefully sourced, I check the ICUN red list for endangered species regularly.

Can I use Vedani Botanicals products if I have sensitive skin?

Free from common allergens, such as artificial preservatives, colours and fragrances, the products do suit most sensitive skins. However, everyone's skin is unique and it would be impossible for us to predict how your skin is going to react. Even the most 'gentle' ingredients can cause a reaction in some cases so in recommend patch-testing which the chosen product at least twice for those with sensitive skin. See below for how to patch test.

I find that many clients who are extremely sensitive to various other products can use our formulations not only without any problems but are also over the moon with the results.

Here is an example:

A client of mine had to use an anti-histamine drug every day, just to be able to use a moisturiser. Over the years she had tried many products but could not find one that she would not react badly to.  She now uses Vedani Botanicals Rich and velvety oil every day and has not had a reaction since.

Many clients are aware of what they are reacting too – perhaps an essential oil or a nut derived oil. We do not use peanut oil in our products (as it is a well-known allergen) and display the full ingredients list for each formulation within the product page on our website to enable customers to make an informed choice before purchase.

 How do I carry out a patch test?

The skin on the inside of the wrist or the forearm is the best area on which to carry out a patch test. It can also be carried out on the skin behind your ear, especially if you suspect that only your face is sensitive. Simply apply the product to the area and if any irritation occurs, such as a rash, a burning, prickly or tingling sensation, redness or any other temporary discoloration of the skin, remove the product immediately with warm water and a damp cloth. Try and leave the patch test on for 48 hours and perform this test twice.

What if I have an allergic reaction to a Vedani Botanicals product?

Should you experience an allergic reaction, itching or burning sensation, gently wash the product off with warm water. Please do not use the product again. In severe cases, swelling or breathing difficulties, please consult your doctor or hospital immediately. 

Can I use Vedani Botanicals’ products if I am pregnant or breast feeding?

Some of our products contain a small amount of essential oils. A 30g bottle of Vedani Botanicals skincare oil will contain less or equal that of a single application of an aromatherapy massage oil for a whole body massage, so a minute amount will be absorbed with daily application of a face and or body oil.

The essential oils in the formulations are currently considered safe to use in pregnancy and while breastfeeding. Essential oil free formulas are also available.

Do you sell products without essential oils?

Yes, the aroma is slightly seed/almond like due to the natural aroma of the seed oils, If you would like fragrance free, or a product without a certain ingredient please email me on vedanibotanicals@gmail.com to request. 

I see you don’t sell a full range of skincare products, can you recommend other skincare / natural products? 

Toner - Lavender hydrosol (floral water). I do stock this, but I only buy freshly distilled, immediately after harvest, so often run out. I recommend Vessel essential oil based in Greece and Florihana based in France. 

Serum - I use my face oil as a serum and moisturiser in one, as contains antioxidant rich plant oils to nourish. I also make my own hyaluronic acid serum. 

Eye Cream - I use my face oil, as it’s the perfect texture and very gentle, I apply carefully well away from the edge of the eye lid so as to avoid getting oil into my eye. 

Neck cream - I use my face oil. 

Mask - I can recommend what I use to gently exfoliate and hydrate my skin and I’ve found it works wonderfully on many people’s skin. The reason I don’t make it is because it’s found in your kitchen! Simply apply to skin, leave for 15 mins and gently rinse off, use as often as needed, when your skin looks dull, tired, congested, matt or flakey. 

Vegan options: Coconut collaborative, natural coconut yoghurt (available in most supermarkets) or mashed avocado. 
Vegetarian options: Natural, organic, live yogurt (such as Yeo) or local honey (apply honey gently to wet skin to apply - do not scrub as can be grainy, sometimes very sensitive skin may react to honey, if any heat or stinging is felt, rinse off immediately). 
Tip, add a little baobab fruit powder to any of above for it’s vitamin C content, it is found in health food shops. 

Spot treatment - A mask of honey is wonderful and you can add a tiny amount of turmeric, however turmeric does stain the skin. Lavender hydrosol is lovely as a gentle toner and is prized for its anti inflammatory and antiseptic properties, if you don’t like lavender, geranium hydrosol is also a suitable pH for the skin. The light face oil makes a perfect moisturiser for a blemish prone skin. 

SPF - I like Green People SPF. 

Body wash - Natural bar soap and I use body oil, with a bamboo mitt. 

Body exfoliate - Body oil and bamboo mitt, I don’t like scrubs, they damage the skin. 

Shave cream - I like to use cream to shave with. I have also used conditioner on my body hair, it’s less drying than foaming products. 

Body Moisturiser - I make a body oil, request via email. 

Hand wash - A bar soap from a natural company, I also like faith in nature liquid hand wash . 

Shampoo - Tabitha James Krann hair cleanser (not the shampoo), it is expensive but it’s really gentle and I find it really suits my parched hair. I sometimes use faith in nature for when I am on a budget, which I really like, but I do prefer the TJK cleanser.  

Conditioner - Depends on your hair type, but I love the Tabitha James Krann 4 in one conditioner, to use as a leave in (use less, so more economical), I find it’s just right for a sleeker look for my parched hair. I use faith in nature when I am on a budget, which is a wash out conditioner, you don’t need both. 

Hair mask - coconut oil, Leave in as long as possible, wash out. I use if my hair or scalp is looking dry. 

Hair serum - I make one with crambe seed oil, which is excellent, as is meadowfoam which is my second choice, jojoba oil would be my third choice. Apply a tiny amount to clean damp hair to mid length to ends before drying or onto dry hair on ends. Very dry and frizzy hair can take a little more, it’s too heavy for very fine hair.