Where can I find more information about a product?

You will find product information, such as directions for use, cautions and the list of ingredients on the product’s page, to the right of the product image, under the relevant tabs.

Please, email us with any questions you may have - skincare is our passion, we will be more than happy to assist you!


How do I know which products are right for me?

The key to the selection of products is to correctly work out your skin type and what texture will suit your skin best.  There is a thorough description of the skin types, ingredients, properties and directions for use on each product page. 

If you are unsure what to choose we recommend that you try the silky textured formulas 22 and 32.   Formulations 21 and 31 are very light textured - best suited for oilier and problematic skin types. Dry skin will prefer rich texture of formulas 23 and 33.  

If you have tried the product and you feel it is too heavy, use less of it and make sure you are applying the moisturiser to a warm and damp skin as this helps the absorption. If it still feels too heavy we will be happy to exchange it for a lighter textured formula and you will be able to tell the difference after a few applications. 

If your chosen product is too light we will exchange it for a richer textured formula.

If you need more help, this is what we are here for - please do not hesitate to email us. 

We want you to be happy with your skin and your products.


How long is the shelf life of your products?

The shelf life of our products is 9-12 months Our products are designed to be used immediately after purchase. 9 – 12 month may seem like a short period of time but we simply want you to benefit from the products being as fresh as possible to ensure the highest possible amounts of nutrients naturally present in the oils, such as anti-oxidants, Omega 3 essential fatty acids and vitamins.

We formulate our products in small batches and only keep small amounts of stock to ensure freshness and quality. We regularly purchase small batches of the oils directly from our suppliers to provide you with the freshest available formulas. 

Due to the nature of our products they are completely free from any preservatives. The shelf life is extended by anti-oxidants naturally present in the oils, natural vitamin E and the containers, Miron violet glass.


How can putting vitamins on my skin be beneficial?

Vitamins are involved in maintaining healthy skin. Unfortunately Western diet can be poor in the provision of vitamins. Busy lifestyle and our environment make the vitamin requirement higher.

When consumed vitamins are usually used in different areas of the body. Applying vitamins to the surface of the skin ensures that they are delivered where they are needed - to the skin.


How do you know which ingredients, such as artificial preservatives, to avoid in Vedani Botanicals’ products?

Our products are truly 100% natural. We do not use any artificial ingredients - preservatives, colours, emulsifiers, perfume or fillers. You can be sure that our formulas contain natural oils and waxes and nothing else.


Why are all your products in the form of oils?

We want to create products that are as natural as possible. This type of formulation allows us to stay away from many unwanted ingredients. The correct selection of oils makes the most efficient cleansers and moisturisers.

Cleansing with oils may seem out of the ordinary. However, oils not only easily mix with the skin oil (sebum) and lift the make-up and dirt off but, as opposed to harsh, detergent based cleansers, help the skin retain its precious natural protective sebum.


Why do you use only natural oils?

Around 6000 different chemicals are found in modern cosmetics. Only around 2000 of them have been researched and only a small percentage of those were found to be safe. Many components are not actually used for the skin benefit but to preserve, scent, colour, etc. the product. Unfortunately, many of those cosmetic ingredients are associated with skin irritations, allergies and other health issues.  Interestingly, up to as recently as the 1970s’, it was still thought that skin was inert and was not able to absorb any chemicals. Perhaps this is the reason why so many controversial ingredients are still in use.  The way to avoid these ingredients is to use 100% natural products.

Plant oils have a very long history of use and we now have a good understanding of their composition as well as activities.  We have selected oils for our formulations for their properties to provide pure, effective and skin-type suitable skincare.


Have all the oils in your formulas been researched?

The oils have all been researched and they are not known to cause any problems.


Who makes the products?

Quality is everything to us so we formulate, fill and package our formulas ourselves.

The ingredients and the formulas are stored in temperature controlled environment to prevent the heat from destroying precious essential fatty acids. As light can oxidise oils, we use Miron violet glass bottles.


Are all the products you sell organic?

Yes, we try to have as high contents of organic ingredients as possible. We believe that for a product to be 100% natural it should also be organic.  Oils derived from non-organically grown plants will contain residues of pesticides and other chemicals used in the plant production.

None of our products are 100% organic, due to the use of certain oils and waxes as well as some legislative requirements. For example, is not possible to obtain organic vitamin E but it is a skin benefiting anti-oxidant that also protects the formula from going off too quickly. Any product containing oils must contain an anti-oxidant.

For our rich moisturiser we selected a plant wax - candelilla wax – to avoid using bees wax. While it is possible to obtain an organic candelilla wax, it is only available in a hydrogenated form. We felt that it was more desirable and in keeping with our principles to choose unprocessed material rather than the ‘organic’ label.          

Buriti is one more plant oil that we have not managed to source organically, but as it is such an amazing oil we just had to have it!

Some of our chosen essential oils my not be organic but they are all very carefully sourced. They are either wild crafted or traditionally farmed meaning that, although they are not certified as organic, no artificial chemicals are used in the growing of the plants.


Are your products certified organic?

Our products will soon be certified organic - we are going through the certification process.

All organic ingredients used in our formulas are certified organic.


I have an oily/combination problematic skin. I have tried many products and nothing works. Why will your product work?

There might be many reasons why the problems persist – our diet and lifestyle can also affect the skin condition. Some chemical constituents found in creams and lotions may also be comedogenic and exacerbate the problem.

Skincare is our passion and we like taking on challenges. It has taken years of research and hard work to perfect our formulations. It was a most interesting journey, which eventually lead to us having a complete range for all skin types. All blends were trialled by our individual clients. To our delight, we found that our blends were helping individuals with various skin issues.

Our number 22 and 32 formulations were actually developed for a client who suffered for years with ‘lumpy’, congested skin. Situation would worsen particularly after holidays in the sun, possibly due to the combination of heat and SPF lotion as well as pore blocking skin care products.  To this day, our client is using these two formulations, as they were the only product she found that were able to combat the problem.  The small bumps took quite some time to reduce, but other effects, such as balanced sebum production, were immediate. Few weeks later, as the shiny appearance diminished and the skin tone and texture improved, she was able to moderate the use of make-up.  In turn this has also been beneficial as make-up can block the pores and cause problems.

Number 21 and 31 were designed for clients with oily, problematic skin, who needed the lightest products. As this skin type can be incredibly difficult to care for, we were thrilled when, once perfected, the formulations were found to be working very well for our clients with this skin type.


Do you recommend not using a moisturiser at night for an oily skin?

For oily skin, it may be worth trying to only use cleanser in the evening. Cleansing procedure may leave enough oil on the skin for the night but drier, dehydrated areas will need some moisturiser on.


How did you determine the oils to be used in each product?

We have been making bespoke skin care with plant oils for 17 years, so we understand which plants oils to choose to suit each skin type and their possible conditions and issues. All our products have scientific basis. We consulted a scientist and well respected aromatherapy lecturer who specialises in plant oils and their properties.  We looked at the chemical composition of each of the oils and their suitability for each skin type. We chose the most useful plant oils, rich in beneficial components, and the most suitable chemo type specific essential oils.

Some plants produce oils containing more desirable constituents if grown in a specific area  – this is why we only use rosehip seed oil from Chile, helichrysum from Corsica and geranium from the Reunion Islands.

We only use oils that are from sustainable sources hence why our sandalwood is from New Caledonia - we do not use endangered plants such as Indian sandalwood and rosewood.


Why ‘cold pressed unrefined oils’, what does it mean?

One of our main principles is to only use cold pressed unrefined plant oils, Co2 extracted organic plant oils and distilled essential oils.

When plant oils are ‘cold pressed’ it means that they are extracted under a certain temperature, therefore heat sensitive nutrients, such as vitamin C and omega 3 and 6 essential fatty acids are not affected. 

Refining oils can rob them of the skin beneficial nutrients and it may even leave undesirable chemical residues but it is a common practice as it leads to an extended shelf life. Refining also involves bleaching to remove what some consider undesirable colour and reduces aroma (some seed, nut and fruit pulp oils such as hemp, Tamanu or rosehip have rather strong smells). Although such processed oils could still be an effective cleanser and even moisturiser it would lack the nutrients to repair and nourish the skin.

We do not mind the natural colours or the aromas as they actually show that the oils are in their raw, unrefined form and, most importantly, they are nutrient rich, a true food for the skin. Addition of carefully chosen essential oils helps improve the aroma and further adds to the beneficial value of the formulations. We know that aromas are important to our clients and so, our soon to be released essential oil free range will include a kernel oil, that naturally smells of marzipan.

The shelf life of some unrefined oil is shorter, because they are rich in easily oxidised essential fatty acids. We address this issue by including other anti-oxidant rich oils in the formulas. They not only benefit the skin but also add to the stability of the products. We also use Vitamin E and package the blends in the Miron violet glass.  


‘Distilled essential oil’, what does this mean?

A true essential oil is extracted from plant material by one of the following two methods - distillation or expression (if extracted from the citrus fruit peel).

Some essential oils expressed from citrus peels are known to be phototoxic. The citrus oil we use is distilled to naturally exclude the photo toxic components.

Other types of oils, sometimes referred to as essential oil, but not ‘true’ essential oils are absolutes and CO2 extracts.

Absolutes, such as rose and jasmine, are extracted using solvents and alcohol. We do not use absolutes in our formulations.

CO2 extraction involves the use of carbon dioxide instead of solvent – it is a good method of extraction from organically grown plants. At the moment we do not use CO2 extracts.


Are all the products you sell cruelty free?

Yes, our products have not been tested on animals and are all vegan friendly.


Can I use Vedani Botanicals products if I have sensitive skin?

Free from common allergens, such as artificial preservatives, colours and fragrances, our products do suit most sensitive skins. However, everyone's skin is unique and it would be impossible for us to predict how your skin is going to react. Even the most 'gentle' ingredients can cause a reaction in some cases so we recommend patch-testing. Please see ‘how do I carry out a patch test’ for instructions. 

We find that many clients who are extremely sensitive to various other products can use our formulations not only without any problems but are also over the moon with the results. Here is an example:

One of our clients had to use an anti-histamine drug every day, just to be able to use a moisturiser. Over the years she had tried many products but could not find one that she would not react badly to.  She now uses Vedani Botanicals Number 23 and 33 every day and has not had a reaction since.

Many clients are aware of what they are reacting too – perhaps an essential oil or a nut derived oil. We do not use peanut oil in our products (as it is a well-known allergen) and display the full ingredients list for each formulation within the product page on our website to enable customers to make an informed choice before purchase


How do I carry out a patch test?

The skin on the inside of the wrist or the forearm is the best area on which to carry out a patch test. It can also be carried out on the skin behind your ear, especially if you suspect that only your face is sensitive. Simply apply the product to the area and if any irritation occurs, such as a rash, a burning, prickly or tingling sensation, redness or any other temporary discoloration of the skin, remove the product immediately with warm water and a damp cloth. Try and leave the patch test on for 48 hours and perform this test twice.


What if I have an allergic reaction to a product?

Should you experience an allergic reaction, itching or burning sensation, gently wash the product off with warm water. Please do not use the product again. In severe cases, swelling or breathing difficulties, please consult your doctor or hospital immediately.


Can I use Vedani Botanicals’ products if I am pregnant or breast feeding?

Currently all our products contain essential oils but we have chosen only those that are considered safe to use in pregnancy and while breastfeeding.

Essential oils-free formulas will be available soon.    


Do you sell products without essential oils?

Essential oils-free formulas will be available soon. They might be more suitable for children, pregnant or breastfeeding women and those on medication.