Vedani Botanicals’ skincare oils are blends of 100% natural botanical oils and extracts, chosen specifically for their skin benefiting properties. That’s all, nothing else is added.


Crambe seed oil has a unique composition, with a high concentration of rarely found very long chain unsaturated fatty acids. When crambe seed oil is applied to the skin, it absorbs easily and stays in the upper layers of skin, which is what makes it so protective against moisture loss (dehydration). Crambe seed oil provides a silky soft non greasy feel on the skin.

 Very long chain fatty acids resist oxidation, helping make it very stable, which is desirable in skincare. It is of all of these properties which makes crambe seed oil irreplaceable in my ingredients choice. 

Crambe seed oil is not currently available as organic, however it has resistance to pests and diseases and has low fertility requirements, it is also fairly drought resistant, so I am presuming it has  a very low or no requirement for pesticide, fungicide and fertiliser. I think this oil seed crop has excellent eco credentials. It is a naturally short lived, soil nourishing plant and helps to increase biodiversity, it can grow in many regions and is considered one of the most sustainable oils available. 


Pomegranate seed for natural organic skincare by Vedani Botanicals

Pomegranate seed oil is highly prized for its regenerative properties. It is soothing to irritated skin and wonderful for dehydrated skin. I absolutely adore pomegranate seed oil, it has amazing properties. It contains a high quantity of punicic acid, a rare Omega-5 fatty acid, with outstanding skin benefits and as well as some unusual antioxidants - ellagic acid and gallic acid, to name a few.


Safflour for natural organic skincare by Vedani Botanicals

Safflower seed oil is very lightweight and easily absorbed. It has one of the highest levels of linoleic fatty acid, an Omega-6 polyunsaturated essential fatty acid. Skincare with a high content of Linoleic acid helps to prevent dehydration and can be a useful tool for skin prone to breakouts. 

Safflower seed oil has a longer shelf life than is typically found in plant oils with such a high polyunsaturated fatty acid content, I attribute this to the Vitamin E content. Safflower seed oil has a very low odour in comparison to other omega 6 rich oils, which means it is ideal for skincare formulations which are fragrance free or lightly fragranced. Luckily certain essential oils can add a pleasant aroma as well as desirable properties to a skincare formulation, but only when only a tiny amount of carefully chosen essential oil is added. 


Sea buckthorn for natural organic skincare by Vedani Botanicals

Sea buckthorn oil has an intense deep orange colour, which indicates that it is jam packed full of beta-carotene, a pro vitamin A. other compounds within the oil include: Omega-3 essential fatty acid and the rare Omega-7 fatty acid – cis-vaccenic acid – as well as vitamins E & K, carotenoids and flavonoids.


Natural (non GMO) vitamin E is an effective antioxidant often used in skin care products because it is believed to play a role in encouraging skin healing and scar reduction.

I find that it soothes and softens the skin and can help protect against dehydration.

It also extends the shelf life of the oils by slowing down their oxidation.


Bergamot essential oil was originally used as an ingredient in Eau-de-Cologne, it is used in skincare, perfumery and also as a flavoring in food and beverages. Early grey tea contains bergamot essential oil. In aromatherapy it is used for its  anti microbial, refreshing, soothing and uplifting properties. I use distilled which is FCF.  


Petitgrain essential oil is similar to neroli, which is from the flowers of the same tree, though it is it is less floral and more woody. It is used in aromatherapy to help balance oily skin and to soothe irritated dry, dull skin.  

Similar to bergamot, it has a relaxing yet upliftIng aroma. 


Cedar Virginian essential oil is steam distilled from wood shavings, (a by product of the furniture industry), it is considered a sustainable alternative to Cedarwood Atlas essential oil. It is commonly used is perfumery and skincare. It used in aromatherapy to balance oily skin, soothe blemishes and aid dry, rough skin, and also in massage blends. 


Lavender for natural organic skincare by Vedani Botanicals

essential oil is possibly the most well known of all essential oils. It is thought of as having a feminine aroma, however, when well skilfully blended its aroma is not as apparent and it acts as a “rounding” scent. 

In aromatherapy skin care it is used to soothe and calm aiding skin issues such as acne, allergies, bruises, burns, dermatitis, grazes, insect bites, insect repellent, itching, scars, sores and stretch marks.

It is extremely important to source high quality lavender essential oil, as lavender oil is often adulterated or confused with lavender fragrance oil, which often cause allergies, due to its overuse in scented product manufacturing. 

I have developed skincare formulations using trusted, well researched articles, publications and reports, which I have spent many years studying. On a practical level I have spent over 20 years making formulations for myself, family, friends and clients, who continue to use my creations year after year. For formulations to be gentle and effective, I believe a specific understanding is needed of how certain plant oils work with certain skin types and issues/concerns, I delight in this very particular learning, which I have been discovering for so many years and hope to continue for many years to come.