The Vedani Botanicals Story

My name is Mercedes Harris, I formulate and hand craft Vedani Botanicals skincare and remedies. I have studied plant oils and extracts and formulated botanical blends for clients and friends for 20 years.

My blends have helped many clients with challenging skin problems. I believe the effectiveness of my skincare is due to the understanding of fatty acid profiles, phytonutrient content and therapeutic properties of the plant oils, alongside using the absolutely finest therapeutic botanical extracts. As a holistic aromatherapist who specialises in botanical oils and extracts for skincare, I am passionate about finding solutions for clients skin issues.

Once I saw the long lasting benefits from the effective synergy of botanicals I was creating for clients with problematic skin concerns, I decided to create Vedani Botanicals - where I could use this knowledge to develop skin care products.

I wanted to help people I couldn’t come to see me as bespoke clients. Many of whom like myself have been searching for as natural as possible skincare and or hard to treat conditions such as acne, rosacea, very sensitive, dehydrated, damaged skin. 

Sourcing the finest quality helichrysum italicum essential oil, grown by Vessel Essential Oils
Photo of myself and Margaret Karlinski in our element with Vasilis Varsamis of Vessel Essential Oils, visiting his helichrysum fields. Vessel grow and distill helichrysum italicum, an incredible essential oil and hydrolat (floral water), which I use for skin wounds (such as acne) & skin & muscular injuries in my bespoke products and treatments.

Plant extracts can vary in composition, depending on where and how it is grown, how it is harvested and extracted and stored. As helichrysum is such a valuable oil in aromatherapy due to its unique healing properties, I have been searching for a grower and distiller who produces the finest oil with a high content of the active healing constituents for many years.

Vessels helichrysum italicum essential oil has an impressive 12% italidones content and their hydrolat gives astounding results. I had to go and visit the fields and distillery in Thessaloniki, what I discovered was a dream come true. 

Organic natural skincare products

My luxuriously textured, gentle cleansers and moisturisers are created as easily absorbed oil blends to allow the formulas to be truly 100% natural. 

The highest quality organic or wild crafted cold pressed, unrefined plant oils are used to satisfy Vedani Botanicals` uncompromising standards. 

My fragrance free products for very sensitive skin or for those who prefer not to use essential oils have a slight almond aroma which is naturally present in unrefined kernel oils. 

My formulations are expertly tailored to the needs of each skin type and are hand crafted in small batches to preserve their skin nourishing properties. 

Fresh and optimal quality

The cold pressed and unrefined plant oils are chosen for their absorbility and naturally occurring nutrients, such as essential fatty acids, antioxidants, phytosterols and vitamins known to be of benefit to the skin. 

Beautifully scented with carefully selected essential oils prized for their anti-inflammatory properties and skin beneficial properties.

All oils are sustainably sourced and vegan friendly. I source direct from the grower/distiller/press where possible, to ensure quality and freshness. 

Please do get in touch to ask any questions you may have about skin health, aromatherapy, workshops or retreats.