The Vedani Botanicals Story


My name is Mercedes Harris, I formulate and craft Vedani Botanicals skincare and remedies in leafy Warwickshire. I have studied and formulated with plant oils and extracts for clients and for over 20 years. 

I constantly research and trial plant oils and extracts for skin health and remedies. I tweak the formulations regularly to suit the season and keep up to date with new research. 

Fresh and Optimal Quality

The plant oils and extracts are chosen for their texture and naturally occurring nutrients, such as essential fatty acids, antioxidants, phytosterols and vitamins known to be of benefit to the skin. 

All oils are sustainably sourced and vegan friendly. I source direct from the grower/distiller/press where possible, to ensure quality and freshness. 

Plant extracts can vary in composition and quality  depending on where and how it is grown, how it is harvested and extracted and stored, this is why it is of vital importance to source plant oils from trusted suppliers. 

Sourcing the finest quality helichrysum italicum essential oil, grown by Vessel Essential Oils
Photo of myself and Margaret Karlinski in our element with Vasilis Varsamis of Vessel Essential Oils, in his helichrysum field, whilst visiting his excellent distillery and his beautiful land where he grows many species to produce oils and hydrolat of the finest quality. If you are interested in the the finest quality essential oils and floral waters directly from the distillery, have a look at their website: 

Margaret Karlinski is incredibly knowledgable in botanical chemistry, it is so fascinating learning from and working with her. Margaret consults and tutors natural and organic skincare formulation and aromatherapy. If you are interested in her work, her website is: 


After so many years, I feel I have created the optimal gentle and effective moisturising formulations.

The LIGHT & SILKY skincare oil is formulated for skin which suits a lightweight, quickly absorbed moisturiser, this formulation suits oily - normal / combination skin, congested skin, skin prone to blemishes as well as healthy normal skin.

LIGHT & SILKY skincare oil provides enough protection from dehydration for skins with either a balanced sebum production (normal skin) or an excessive sebum production (oily skin). The lightweight plant oils help to naturally balance the skin.

Some clients who use LIGHT & SILKY FACE OIL in the warmer summer months use RICH & VELVETY FACE OIL in the cooler winter months, as they find their skin benefits from the added protection against dehydration in harsh weather. 

Both formulations contain plant oils rich in phytonutrients (plant nutrients), to feed and protect the skin.

RICH & VELVETY FACE OIL is suited to dry skin which is lacking in natural skin oil (sebum), dry skin needs a formulation which provides extra protection against dehydration. Those with dry skin will find they need a richer formulation in harsh climates.

People with slightly dry skin may find their skin feels normal in a warm climate and parched or dehydrated in cold or harsh climates.

For those who have very dry skin, it is very obvious, as very dry skin feels uncomfortably tight, feels rough and looks flakey, this skin type will benefit from several applications of a rich moisturiser a day, to replenish what the skin lacks in natural skin oil (sebum). 

There are duo sets available for those who are unsure which to choose when first time purchasing, these are also ideal as gifts and for those who like to tailor the different textures to suit a combination skin with both dry and oily and or normal areas.

Other skincare products, bath products, remedies and natural fragrance is also available, please email any queries  on: