100% natural skincare, fragrance & remedies.

At the moment, only the highest demand products - my face oils are available to buy on this website shop.

I often have a small batch of freshly made medium demand products such as body moisturising oil, shower & bath oil, trial sizes, muscular tension rub, pulse point oils, room & linen spray, also bamboo / organic cotton cloths.

Seasonal Products: Floral waters (hydrosols) are usually in stock from mid-late summer. Gift sets are usually in stock for Christmas or made to order all year round.

Medium demand & seasonal products stock fluctuate too often for the website, please email to enquire.

Low demand & bespoke products are made to order, there’s often a wait time to order ingredients or for product testing/reports, please email to enquire.

Email Mercedes on vedanibotanicals@gmail.com